The Great Big Introduction Thread

A place to socialize, meet new people, introduce yourself, play forum games, etc!
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The Great Big Introduction Thread



xxxxWant to introduce yourself and make new friends?

Well, in case you said yes to the question above, you found the right place! Although it is not a mandatory post requirement, we encourage you to introduce yourself on this thread. Please refrain from chatting and double posting on this thread; if you want to reach out to a fellow writer, please do so in their private messages! Also, while you are encouraged to share whatever information you'd like about yourself, please remember that you are not required to share your age and any of your personal data. Whatever you share is your own choice. Also, please do not look for roleplays or advertise for them in this thread! That can be done on the OfficialRoleplay Search Thread.

Happy introductions!
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teddy's introduction!

    • ───────── ༓☾ into the dark, trying not to lose myself when i go too far, ☽༓ ──────────
      ────────── ༓☾ where do i start when every turn i take keeps us apart? ☽༓ ──────────
    • hello! i'm teddy, one of the site's founders/administrators. although that seems pretty scary, i promise i'm pretty much far from! although i work full-time and am a criminal justice/biology major working toward my degree, outside of that, i pretty much have no life so i'm on here 24/7. writing has always been one of my passions and i've been roleplaying for at least eight or nine years, since i was probably about twelve or thirteen. i live in the eastern standard timezone and, tbh, i don't really care much about pronouns. he/they/anything really works just fine. i'd say something cliche like "just don't refer to me at all" but i do not want to scare off any potential new friends, smh.

      i'm pretty much a fan of anything nerdy and am always down to talk about things like that (like criminal minds, sherlock, marvel, etc...) if you see my post history, and, more notably, my, what seems like, million roleplays with Kami, you'll realize that i have an unhealthy obsession with fandoms... like, we're talking, movies and tv shows are my entire personality. i also own two cats, a bird, and, a gecko, that i will probably also always talk about and will show them off when i have the chance. like i did just now.

      i look forward to seeing new, fresh faces on SQ as it hopefully takes off !! my dms are always open for anyone, whether you have an issue with the site or simply just want to chat <3 and, let's be real, i'm like always down to talk about how i'm basically a walking loki/bucky barnes stan with anyone... and plot and start new roleplays, too <3
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kami's introduction!

    • Image

      the name's kami and i'm a 20+ y. o. lawyer from lithuania. i've finished my master's degree in criminal justice in 2021 and i currently work in regional court as a specialist consultant. outside of that, i'm pretty much just a huge nerd who likes video games, rock/metal music and horror or slasher movies. i have many niche interests, so finding common interests with other people isn't hard for me! if anyone wants to talk about odd things or something that no one else finds interesting, there's a 99.99% chance that we're truly made for each other! c:

      i've been roleplaying since 2013 and have a fair amount of experience under my belt; unfortunately, english isn't my first language, so there's a mistake here and there, but i'm trying my best! um, i'm mostly interested in original plots that revolve around the genres fantasy, horror and supernatural or historical settings (i also like fandoms, but most of them are reserved for my husband, teddy, sorry y'all), but i'm always open to new ideas, so don't be a stranger! there's a high chance i'll be up to whatever you end up suggesting, too! love me, i'm lonely.

      honestly, there's not much else to say about myself. there is a handful of people on the site that i love a lot (including my friend hippocrates, my mother/child lupusavani, and my sister from another mister periwinkle) but i'm truly excited and giddy about meeting new people as well as creating a safe, loving and creative community on here! i hope everyone enjoys being here as much as i enjoyed making it.

      i think that's about it for a decent introduction! my inbox is open to everyone, cheers! :D
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🔆 ❝sunshine's introduction❞

❝I got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine.❞
Hello there, writers of Stained Quills! First of all, I'd like to apologize if my image is too big. But I am Sunshine and Whiskey but please feel free to call me Sunshine or S&W. I do not mind either of those abbreviated names.

I found this site on a whim, to be frank. I decided to go on TopRPSites and saw that it was a new site and just decided to go ahead and register for it. It does give me vibes of two other sites that I am a part of, which makes this a whole lot easier for me. Speaking of sites, I have been and still am a part of many, whether non-adult or adult, but adding this one to the list of my new sites to call my home. I am already loving everything that I am seeing, to be honest. I also know my way around a forum, as well.

I work full time, so that means that I am usually online usually in the early mornings or late nights. I am in the Central Standard Timezone(CST) and have been writing for about thirteen years now. I started when I was just fifteen years of age on a chat server. I am quite adept when it comes to the terms of writing. I consider myself quite advance and can write in multiple genres with the exception of Sci-Fi, unfortunately. I mainly like to write within the genres of modern, slice-of-life. medieval, historical, supernatural, and even some fandoms. That's it and that's all.

I think that's all I have for now but until then, feel free to message me in order to get to know me better! I don't bite, unless you like that sort of thing. 😉
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| a very peri presentation |


hi everyone! i'm periwinkle, but i go by peri more often than not. although we are all newbies to this wonderful website, i have been a long-time roleplayer of about 8-9 years (shoutout to those who started out on chicken smoothie like me :3 ). what else can i say about myself? i graduated from college in june with a bachelor's degree in nursing, and am now practicing as a registered nurse, which i love. i work fulltime nights (well, three 12-hour shifts a week fulltime), but i have always been a night owl so that is working out perfectly also! i'm 22 and i live in wisconsin, usa (central time zone). i don't have any pets of my own yet, but i love all animals and would like to adopt a cat from the local humane society very soon.

i'm terrible at describing myself, but i like to think i'm a happy and friendly person, haha. be warned, i can be introverted and shy starting out! despite that, my pm's are always open to anyone who would like to chat! my interests include a lot of binge-watching netflix (k-dramas especially as of late), sleeping, and writing. i have not roleplayed for a long time due to the busy-ness of school; i may be a little rusty. my topics of interest for roleplaying include fantasy, historical fantasy, superpowers, supernatural, romance, horror, gangs/mafia, and many other things (just ask)! i do not like to roleplay animals (unless it is a human that can shift into an animal form). as for limits, i don't have many - i am unfazed by descriptions of gore, swearing, etc. my coding isn't the greatest, but i try my best and i'm learning every day. all in all, i hope i get to meet many of you and form some more online friendships; and, i hope you all have a wonderful day filled with good health and happiness <3.
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Avani's Introduction

❈•≫────≪•◦ ❈ ◦•≫────≪•❈
Hi! My name's LupusAvani, but feel free to simply call me Lupus or Avani. I'm a 23-year-old hailing from Lithuania. I finished my bachelor's degree in Lithuanian philology and the Swedish language last year, and now I'm working full-time as a customer service representative, applying my skills in Swedish every day. It's sometimes challenging, but I enjoy it nonetheless. If any of you speak Swedish and would like to chat, don't hesitate to let me know! I could always use additional practice. c:

My interests include creating art (be it traditionally or digitally), reading, watching movies and TV shows (mainly fantasy ones), role-playing (duh!), listening to music, dancing zumba, and riding horses (unfortunately, the last one rarely happens since it's rather expensive). I have no pets at the moment, but my dream is to get a bird (like this tiny monster) and perhaps a dog (Dobermans have been my favourite since childhood).

I've been in and out of role-playing for about 9 years now (a shout-out to my dear friend Kami, who introduced me to this amazing hobby). The genres I usually role-play in are fantasy (both modern and historical), supernatural, and romance. I enjoy an animal role-play from time to time, too. I might be a bit rusty since I haven't role-played for a while, but I usually get into the swing of things rather quickly.

Well, I believe that's all I have to say for now! Shoot me a PM if you want to chat. I'm always happy to make more friends! ^^

❈•≫────≪•◦ ❈ ◦•≫────≪•❈
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Enter Cleric


I saw this link on Reddit and the page layout looked very strangely familiar. And when I saw LupusAvani and Kami roaming around, I couldn't help myself but join. I have been roaming around aimlessly on the internet searching for roleplays. I used to go by MajorPoland for a long time on many pages. Before picking up an apprenticeship in software development, I used to study CS.

I love historical and fantasy roleplays (not necessary together) and I am glad I found a place I can write again that is much more organized than Reddit or Discord. With over 10+ years of roleplaying I'd like to claim that I am rather experienced, but my writing style is a bit... plain, still. Other than rolepalying I am a volunteer in emergency services, play Jugger and attend medieval fairs. Oh, and I love metal, watching TV series and playing the German equivalent of Dungeons & Dragons.
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It's TeaThyme!

Image »»———— ❀ ————«« Hiya! I'm TeaThyme or Tea! I'm in my 20s and living in the US. As you can probably guess, I love tea and coffee. I also love gardening, which is where the "thyme" comes from. I'm a sucker for a good pun. I'm a freelance content creator focusing on short-form content. I also love writing creatively but with my job requiring so much brainpower, it can be hard to write for fun. That's where RP comes in! I've been RPing on and off since 2012 or so. I started off doing goofy one-offs on Neopets. A lot has changed since then and I've used other RP sites. After my recent move IRL, I wanted a fresh start to rekindle my love for creative writing and RP. So, here I am!

I loved this site's layout and emphasis on quality writing. I've never written on a site with a word requirement so I'm both nervous and excited about that. I despise when an RP tapers off into sub-par paragraphs that accomplish nothing. I'm also looking to grow my writing prowess, especially with voice and character development. I feel like I will be in good company here :3

I'm a complete extrovert and LOVE making friends. If you want to chat about books, the oxford comma or just shoot the breeze, send me a PM!
»»———— ❀ ————««
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speck's introduction

╔═══════════════════════════════════════════════════╗ Image ╚═══════════════════════════════════════════════════╝ ➴➵➶➴➵➶➴➵➶➴➵➶➴➵➶➴➵➶➴➵➶➴➵➶➴➵➶➴➵➶➴➵➶➴➵➶➴➵➶➴➵➶➴➵➶➴➵➶➴➵➶➴➵➶ hey all! my name is specks, and my pronouns are she/her. i'm a 20 y/o whose been roleplaying for almost 10 years now. i'm a (soon to be) college graduate pursuing a criminal justice/bio track just like teddy (': writing is a huge passion of mine so creative writing can't be my only fix, lmao. i can already tell this community is shaping up to be something wonderful, so i'm very excited to meet you all! the best way to make the most of this little corner of the internet is to make it feel like home; in other words, please don't hesitate to send me a pm if you want to chat, talk roleplaying, show me your pets, etc. when it comes to roleplaying i'm extremely versatile, so whether you're a fandom person, enjoy character studies, world/plot building, or anything in between i'm your gal!

take care, and i hope to hear from some of you guys soon!

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Re: The Great Big Introduction Thread

hey all, I’m Skailynn, call me Skai. I’m usually on my phone so my coding is minimal, but I still write quite a bit. I’m a 21 year old female who’s been roleplaying around 9 years now. I have a job where I set my own schedule so I’m available pretty much whenever. I’m currently writing a book on the side, but roleplaying is a big passion of mine as well. I love roleplaying of all types, historical, fantasy, romance, adventure, you name it. Feel free to message me about anything under the sun. Can’t wait to meet y’all!
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